Member Support

Try the steps listed below before contacting support with any issues on the site, if the steps below do not work then please send in a support ticket for further help. The website is in working order, the issue is a cache issue on local devices such as the device your on now, the device is looking for outdated information about the site, you need to force the device to look for the most up to date information possible.

I Cannot Access The Members Section, But I Have Accessed The Section Before

If you have already signed up and have logged in before, please clear out all of your web browsers temporary internet files, close all browser windows, if you are using saved links to access the site, delete all links and recreate them after the first steps listed. Also make sure your devices software is fully up to date.

I Have Signed Up But I Cannot Access My Account

Your account may not have fully setup, use the form below to let us know, make sure to include the Automatic Payment ID so that we can setup your account fully.

Compatible Browsers

The browsers that have been tested with this site are Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox. If you are using any other browsers and our experiencing issues please try one of the browsers listed above.

We will be testing other browsers for further compatibility.

I Cant Find My Automatic Payment ID Number

The Automatic Payment ID is located on the emails you received after paying for the membership, if you do not have those emails anymore, you can find the Automatic Payment ID under your PayPal settings, then Pre-Auhtorized Payments.

If you are having issues with the members section please fill out the form below, allow at least 24 to 48 hours for a response. Also include your Automatic Payment Number it usually begins likeĀ I- when submitting a support request.

Bostin Loyd Members Support