Lifestyle coaching:

Health/ lifestyle coaching. 

For people who want to lose some extra weight and get healthier overall. 

Eating healthy is a lifestyle change. It’s not just a “program” or “ diet”- it consists of you making a change to your daily routine to better yourself. 

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. Let me help you create a healthier lifestyle !

3 month coaching:

Let’s goto the beach !

Feeling self conscious and don’t want to plan any beach days because of how you feel about your current physique?

Let me help you feel better about yourself/ your body & confident enough to start enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach !

6 month coaching: ($900 value) 

Shirts off at the beach !!

Tired of wearing a shirt to the beach because your self conscious ? Let me help you build your body and self esteem so you can take that shirt off and feel great about it! 

12 month coaching: ($1800 value )

Suns out buns out at the beach !!

Not only are we going to the beach, and taking the shirt off - we’re having the thong bikini on and we’re showing off the glutes too !!

Think of the time it took for you to add the fat to your body, and give yourself the right about of time to take it off.

Just like the fat wasn’t added over night, results won’t happen over night either.

Results that last, take time.

Invest in your body- invest in yourself.

$1,200.00Add to cart

30 Minute Phone Consult:

This is a 30 min conversation via phone where you can ask me anything you want and i can promise you there will be no bullshit responses and everything will be the 100% honest truth- To many individuals are being misleaded these days.

$50.00Add to cart

Female Supplement protocol:

Custom personalized protocol to fit your needs & goals.

16 week Off-season Supplement plan: 

$350.00Add to cart

16 week Shred up Supplement plan: 

$450.00Add to cart

Do you, or your girlfriend / wife need help with taking the right supplements?

Whether it is off season, or a contest prep, I can help you structure your supplements, dosages and all, AND will give you great sources to where you can get everything- so you can be sure make great gains while also being conscious of your health.

Note: All coaching plans include weekly check ins, custom diet, custom supplement plan, and a training plan. If you are my client, feel free to email me whenever you have a question.

* Keep in mind- the supplement protocols work best with a structured DIET! They won’t undo a bad diet! 

*All supplement plans are included in the diet plans above, but diets are not included in the supplements plans *


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